Frequently Asked Questions


What do you need me to do to place my order most effectively?

We would very much appreciate it if you paid attention to the three pull down menus on each product page:

  • Size - there are links to detailed size guides and product details on every product page, please make sure you check the size guide before choosing your size and read the product information. If an error is made, contact us on theboss@lemongemcreative.co.za - we will do whatever we can to update your order prior to printing but once your order is in production, we are limited.
  • Colour - we detail colour differences in our product details page, again linked out on every product page. To expedite lead times, we use available stock and colours can vary. Black is generally black and white is generally white but greys and navys do fluctuate.
  • Style – we ask that you are sure to choose between Classic T-shirt, Classic Vest, Ladies Fitted V-neck, Ladies Racerback and Unisex V-neck from the "shirt style" menu before placing your order.
  • Please note, when stock levels are low we reserve the right to do whatever is necessary to get your order completed with low fuss. We rarely deviate from our apparel supplier but when necessary, we may send a different grade of shirt in sitations where our standard Classic Tee is not available. We will not send shoddy quality items, we give a shit about our name and reputation.

What’s the deal with only black and white colour options?

We use Shopify and we’re on a basic plan. This plan gives us a total of 100 variants per product – and six size options x five shirt styles x many colours options equals way more than 100. So, you can choose a basic standard colour, or you can view the colour options each style offers by clicking here and sending us an order note. It’s either this, or we remove style options or size options and… nah. We want to try this out. Let’s see.

I’ve placed my order and heard nothing from you – what gives?

That is not how we do things around here in fact, sometimes we communicate too much. Once your order is placed, our system is supposed to send you an order confirmation email with full details on next steps. If you have not received this, we can only blame the robots. Email us (theboss@lemongemcreative.co.za) and we will arrange to have the confirmation email sent to you again.

When will you send me my stuff?

Trash Panda apparel orders are placed weekly and deliveries take place 5 - 15 working days after payment is received. Most orders arrive quickly but shit happens and we believe in "human first" so beg patience when it takes a bit longer for your awesome Trash Panda stuff to reach you. As soon your order is ready to go we will pop you a mail with tracking information.

Why do you take so long?!?

Because we don't hold stock. All of our shirts are ordered to your specifications and then sent to printers to print your requested design. This is why it’s not easy to “swap out” shirts and we really hope you consider all of your options, including sizes, before ordering.

I don’t want to wait so long for solid quality prints on lekker apparel! What do I do?

Just email as within 24 hours of placing your order and tell us you’d rather cancel. We will request bank details and we will issue a refund. Very simple. Once apparel is ordered (this happens on Mondays and/or Thursdays), we will only be able to offer a partial refund and once your shirt is on the printer, you’re going to have to wait it out cos courier is not far behind.

What do I need to know about your apparel?

All our designs are printed on high quality cotton T-shirts using a professional (and very expensive) direct to garment (DTG) printer or vinyl. All shirts are enzyme washed with a premium finish and are created to hold print (this can mean the shirts feel a bit sticky when you first see them, this stickiness will disappear after the first wash). We protect against fading of both the shirt and the print. Make sure and check size guides to save us all a bunch of hassle <3.

Our standard shirt colours are Black and White but are available in other colours. Our size guides go up to 3XL but larger sizes are available in certain styles.

Make a note at order if you want to see options and we'll share them with you before placing your order.

Please note, print sizes and garment colours are only an indication. Black is black but Light Grey could be melange or solid grey, and navy could be really dark navy or a bluer navy, depending on our supplier. Print colours are unchanging but print size can vary, again, depending on our supplier.

The shirt I received is a different colour to the one on screen? WTAF?

The digital images we display have the truest colour possible. However, due to differences in computer monitors and settings, we cannot be responsible for variations in colour between your screen and the actual product. Also, we sometimes have to use different hues of apparel colour to show you how they fall because black, for example, is difficult to see on screen.

How do I care for my Trash Panda gear?

Please be careful with your shirts. The labels in the shirts can be completely ignored because these are care instructions for the material, not the print. To keep your print or vinyl in tip top shape, wash inside out at a cool temperature. Iron inside out, too. Do not tumble dry.

Remember, this shirt has print on it. This print has been adhered to the shirt in some way, shape or form and it can be un-adhered. Take care. Love the shirt. It will last forever if you love it.

This order is a gift but there’s no check box thingie?

There is an order notes section that you pass by on your way to cart. This little text box can be used to request any and everything, including customisation and a note that the parcel should be treated as a gift. We even have a cute birthday tag that we can send along with a message from you. Just type it into the box or drop us an email.

This order is a gift but it’s for a birthday that’s happening this Saturday and I left it til the last minute and I’d really love you to bits if you just sorted this out for me, what are the chances?

Look, we’ve moved mountains for a customers and we’ll continue to try and do that going forward but the lead time is as long as it is because life happens. Everything can run really smoothly and then our courier can get lost or can spill a can of coke or the printer can break down or I can choose this Thursday as the day I implode. And, to be honest, when I make a commitment and something happens and you get let down or pissed off, it really hurts my soul. I encourage you to ask but understand that I really do have to order the apparel, order the print, deal with anything life decides to throw at my entire supply chain that week and wait it out in most cases.

What I can offer you quite reliably is a rush fee, which my printers charge me to move orders up to the top of the queue. It’s a flat R299 inclusive and I make nothing off of that fee, it would go straight to the printer. This is your call.

I live in Europe, the UK or the US and I want, want, WANT!

For right now, we sell some of our top sellers through our Teespring store, which you can find by clicking here. We've gone this route mostly to save on courier fees, which are kak expensive when sending from SA.

If the shirt you want isn't there, you are invited to email us (theboss@lemongemcreative.co.za) to request that it be added and we'll do so within 12-24 hours after receiving your request.

We are investigating Australia and New Zealand suppliers so keep an eye out for updates!



What are my shipping options?

Full shipping information lives here but, in short, Joburg orders are couriered using our in-house courier team, Lemon Gem Couriers. If we can’t find an affordable courier solution, coastal orders are sent using Postnet or Pargo or something similar. Please note, it can cost up to R300 to send shirts down to slaap stad, which is about 1 000% more than we actually earn after costs. If you’d prefer the shirts be couriered and you’re willing to carry the cost, you are free to email us: theboss@lemongemcreative.co.za or Whatsapp us: 060-689-0169

I received my shirt and I’m not happy. What is your policy on refunds or returns?

You can read all about it right here. We align to the CPA where refunds are concerned.

Basically, you don’t get to feel or touch the product before purchasing so you can return without reason but you do need to get the product to us (address is at that link) and you do need to notify us of your request for a refund in writing within five (5) days of receipt.

We do not swap items out. All of our shirts are ordered to your specifications and then sent to printers to print your requested design. This is why it’s not easy to “swap out” shirts and we really hope you consider all of your options, including sizes, before ordering.


Who’s this “we” you keep talking about? Is it a massive team of people ready to serve my every whim?

No. I say we because I have big plans to be a proper shop one day but it’s really just me. I have two print teams I rely on to help me serve you and a few courier partners, too. If you want to learn a bit more about The Head Panda, click here.

I really like your design but not your prices, can I steal it?

I suppose, if you wanted to. Not much I can do about it. But it’s not very nice. What we could talk about is my purchasing cheaper apparel for you and offering a cost effective price. Email me on: theboss@lemongemcreative.co.za

You will be asked to sign a document that says you will not request a refund on cheaper apparel. We’ve used them before, we prefer quality, so if you choose to buy it, we can’t be held responsible for anything outside of bad print.

I’ve received my order, something has gone wrong and I’m going to immediately lose my temper and send a nasty message or email

There’s no need to be anxious or have high blood pressure, dudes. You are safe with us. If you have a problem, be cool, let us know. We will fix it.

If being chilled isn’t what you want to be right now, you are most entitled to do you, boo. But when the screeching has stopped and this is sorted, cos it will be, please don’t come back. No hard feelings.