Sizes and colours

Please make sure and choose your shirt style using the first pull down menu on each product page. The automatic order is a small t-shirt, if you want a long sleeve shirt, sweater or hoodie, you have to choose this option.

We have removed female cuts from our store. There is a discrepancy between the real sizes and the size guides. We hope you understand! Unisex/male is super reliable.

All our designs are printed on high quality cotton T-shirts using a professional (and very expensive) direct to garment (DTG) printer or vinyl, which are enzyme washed with a premium finish and are created to hold print. We protect against fading of both the shirt and the print. Make sure and check size guides below  to save us all a bunch of hassle <3.

Our standard site colours are Black, White, Light Grey and Navy but our T-shirts are available in other colours. The below size guides go up to 3XL but larger sizes are available in certain styles.

Make a note at order if you want to see options and we'll share them with you before placing your order.

Please note, print sizes and garment colours are only an indication. Black is black but Light Grey could be melange or solid grey, depending on our supplier. Print colours are unchanging but print size can vary, again, depending on our supplier.

Also, when ordering white hoodies, please note, vinyl print will be used as we cannot DTG the white items without damaging them.




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