Tarot reading

Tarot reading

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If it's no-nonsense Tarot readings you're looking for, you've come to the right page. Here, you can choose the number of cards you'd like read for you and readings would look something like the below, depending on your question.

Please note, we gently remind our return querents that it is best to wait a few weeks between readings. Things need to brew or stand and be giving a chance to develop, grow or change between readings and, although this can happen in a day or even a minute, it's best to not have too many readings done in a short space of time.


1 card reading - What do I need to know about X right now?

2 card reading - Ideal for questions requiring a yes or no answer or multiple choice answers

3 card reading - Yesterday, today and tomorrow OR multiple choice answers

4 card reading - Past, present, future and guidance

5 card reading - Past, present, hidden influences, advice/guidance, possible outcome

6 card reading - Past, present, influences, challenges, advice/guidance, possible outcome

7 card reading - Horse shoe spread

8 card reading - Horse shoe spread with guidance card

9 card reading - Detailed two paths/choices reading

10 card reading - Comprehensive Celtic Cross

Almost all spreads are determined by the question - some spreads are better suited to love question or career or finances, etc. We have spreads for clarity, for managing bad vibes, for career paths, for finding your purpose, will I/won't I, there are many and your individual question will determine the right spread in all cases except for the Celtic Cross, which is the best ten card spread option available today.

Once you've chosen how many cards you'd like, we will be in touch with you for your question and with a delivery date for your reading. Your reading will be shared via email as an audio file with an image of your spread - generally within seven days of receipt of your order and payment.

If you have questions before ordering, have them answered by emailing: straightuptarot@outlook.com or by visiting our Facebook page and chatting to us there.

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