The Mystery Shirt
The Mystery Shirt
The Mystery Shirt

The Mystery Shirt

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Who remembers lucky packets? I do!

Well, now you can lucky dip your shirt! Order a mystery shirt from our store and we'll send you a shirt of our choosing. Could be one of our best sellers, could be one of our new, shiny shirt alerts. Could be a sweary MFer, could be tame and cheerful. Who knows???

Want to try something different? If this picks up, we'll be offering this as a monthly subscription, too! Imagine, a new surprise Trash Panda shirt every month!

You get to choose your shirt style and size, the rest is up to us - funsies!

All of our shirts are created using soft 160g combed cotton materials, which are enzyme washed with a premium finish and are created to hold print. We protect against fading of both the shirt and the print. Make sure and check size guides below  to save us all a bunch of hassle <3.

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The Mystery Shirt

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